Christi Avatar

Building with jacobsen was very easy Patty and randy are very knowledgeable and Patty answered all my emails in a... read more -

Jan Byrns Avatar
Jan Byrns

Great service from the start with Randy who took the time to walk through and answer all are questions, and... read more -

ann french Avatar
ann french

I had a wonderful experience with getting this home done. Jacobsen's was most helpful, very friendly, prompt to reply and... read more -

Celese Moss Avatar
Celese Moss

Having a show room where you can see the floor plans in real life makes it so much easier to... read more -

Jack H Avatar
Jack H

Nice houses and pleasant folks, they don't oversell you. -

arturo mendoza Avatar
arturo mendoza

Amazing, the quality has no parallel, if you are in the market for a manufactured home you need to see... read more -

꧁Lumi E꧂ Avatar
꧁Lumi E꧂

Very beautiful manufactured homes... You just need to have land where they can install it in... But overall beautiful homes...... read more -

Kathy B Avatar
Kathy B

We visited the Plant City Home Store and spoke with Scott Drinkwater. He is so knowledgeable about every aspect of... read more -

Kathy Guitard Avatar
Kathy Guitard

We visited the Plant City Home Store and spoke with Scott Drinkwater. He is so knowledgeable about every aspect of... read more -

Needa Toyou Avatar
Needa Toyou

This plant and homes are so nice. The homes are open and they follow the Covid code. Due to the... read more -

Leslie Nelson Avatar
Leslie Nelson

Sometimes the facts speak the most loudly. Here are the facts about my experience with Jacobsen and specifically... read more -

Allison Craig Avatar
Allison Craig

Jacobsen Homes are the best!! My husband and I were living in a home that was literally falling apart. We... read more -

Mikael Guerra Avatar
Mikael Guerra

We could not afford their homes this time around, but my experience with Jacobsen has been top notch. Tom and... read more -

Kevin Rump Avatar
Kevin Rump

As a recent Jacobsen homes buyer. I can not tell you how satisfied I am not only with Jacobsen... read more -

Elizabeth Drissel Avatar
Elizabeth Drissel

This was an excellent building company to work with!! Our process was difficult from the beginning as we had... read more -

Christine Francis Avatar
Christine Francis

I was very impressed with the staff and homes we toured on a recent visit. I would definitely recommend Jacobsen... read more -

Rosario Carter Avatar
Rosario Carter

I have seen and visited several mobile home dealers in Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana and Texas. Jacobson Mobile Homes in Florida... read more -

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